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About Us

About Us

Countryside intimacy, urban distance and art are the concepts of 22 CAFÉ.

In Eifuku-cho, Suginami-ku, we mainly provide the following five services.

(Bamboo speaker Kaguya, vintage furniture / clothes sale)


You can enjoy coffee, sweets, and sake at any time while listening to the warm sound of the bamboo speaker Kaguya in a calm space where the minimalist taste of Scandinavia and Japanese is fused.

And at 22 CAFÉ, you can see not only solo exhibitions but also performances by professional artists for free. We also offer this space for free to creators who are trying to do something interesting. Ambitious events such as music and videos held by them are also the charm of this shop.

In addition to being able to be used as a variety of shooting and recording studios, we also provide shooting and recording services along with 2020 Production, which handles the work of BBC Proms.

Street address

Keio Inokashira Line

1 minute walk from the north exit of Eifukucho Station

4-4-1-C Eifuku, Suginami-ku, Tokyo


Eifuku 4-4-1-C,

Suginami, Tokyo

1minute from Eifuku-cho station (Inokashira-line).

open hour

(Wed) 14: 00-24: 00 Wed

(Thursday) 14: 00-24: 00 Thu

(Fri) 14: 00-24: 00 Fri

(Sat) 14: 00-24: 00 Sat

(Sun) 14: 00-24: 00 Sun

名称未設定 1.jpg


Recording and shooting service started

22 2020 PRODUCTION, which works for CAFÉ and BBC Proms, provides full support for recording, video and still shooting.

・ Live shooting or / and recording at 22 CAFÉ.

・ Shoot or / and record using 22 CAFÉ as a studio.

⇨ We will give you a finished product that can be used immediately for promotion and distribution.

<22 Example of live shooting at CAFÉ. artist: HANEGI KOEN = shot by 2020 Production >

* Recording is a simple one.

Youtube channel opened

2020 Production mainly shoots and records live videos at 22 CAFÉ

22 We will also post videos created by creators gathering at CAFÉ.

Pick Up

Pick Up

Pick Up Next Act

Entrance Free, No reservation is needed

This week's Gallery

Contact Us



4-4-1-C, Eifuku, Suginami-ku, 168-0064



(Music, video, rakugo etc.)

・ Solo exhibition organizer

・ Guest chef

・ Bringing in a plan

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