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recording, shooting

recoding, shooting

Recorded by 22 CAFÉ and 2020 PRODUCTION,

Full support for video and still shooting .

・ Live shooting or / and recording at 22 CAFÉ.

・ Shoot or / and record using 22 CAFÉ as a studio.

⇨ For promotion and distribution

We will give you a finished product that can be used immediately.



Media production founded in Tokyo in 2019 by sound engineer Henry Morse and video art creator Joe Drake.

Their recording and shooting skills are highly regarded worldwide, and they are entrusted with live recording of the world's largest classical music festival BBC Proms sponsored and distributed by the British national broadcaster BBC, as well as companies based in Japan. Many promotional materials are also created.

<Henry Morse>

<Joe Drake>

sound engineer

video and graphic arts creator



1. Still photography: 20,000 yen

10 edited and processed photos.

2. 3-minute promotional video: 30,000 yen

   22 Live highlight video at CAFÉ.

3. 3 minutes video + live audio recording (1 song): 40,000 yen

Live audio recording of one of the songs to be performed, and mix it with the video in 2.

Alternatively, you can mix the recorded sound source with the video in 2.

4. Live audio recording (all songs): 40,000 yen

Audio recording and editing of all live performances. We will deliver it in a streamable state.

5. Live video recording (all songs) + live audio recording (all songs): 80,000 yen

Shooting, recording and editing all the songs played during the live performance. We will give you a mix.

6. Studio recording (1 song): 20,000 yen + 10,000 yen / hour

   22 CAFÉ is used as a recording / shooting studio.

You can also add promotional video shoots.

7. Other

Please contact us.

 We also offer Mix and Mastering only services.

Mix: 10,000 ~ 15,000 yen / song (depending on the length of the song and the amount of tracks used)

Mastering: 5,000 yen / song




4-4-1-C, Eifuku, Suginami-ku, 168-0064


photo studio

photo / youtube studio


22 CAFÉ can be used as a photography studio for photography, Youtube, etc.


1. Weekday cafe / bar outside business hours

5,000 yen / hour 

2. Weekend (Saturday and Sunday) cafe / bar outside business hours

   7,000 yen / hour

3. Cafe / bar business hours

10,000 yen / hour

If it is during business hours, it will be treated as a charter. The consumed drink fee will be deducted from the studio fee and settled.

4. Use of tatami room only

2,500 yen / hour

Cafe / bar opening hours

(Tue) 18: 00-24: 00

(Wednesday) 12: 00-24: 00

(Thursday) 18: 00-24: 00

(Friday) 14: 00-24: 00

(Sat) 12: 00-24: 00

(Sun) 14: 00-24: 00

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