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Bamboo speaker Kaguya


2017 Wakayama Prefecture Excellent products

Received the Premier Wakayama Encouragement Award

2019 Cabinet Office sponsorship

Hometown Masterpiece of the Year

Received the Policy Encouragement Award

(1) Warmth of raw sound due to the echo structure of bamboo.

(2) Creation of a completely enclosed sound space by omnidirectionality.

(3) In order to suppress the recoil of the diaphragm, the realistic feeling is reproduced by the minimized speaker unit.

The live sound is reproduced so that the performer's appearance is now illusioned here.

The color of the dry-distilled bamboo that has been smoked for 6 months, the beauty of the'Kaguya'is

It is also ideal as an intellectual regardless of whether it is Japanese or Western.

22 CAFÉ is the only distributor of "Bamboo Speaker Kaguya".

At our shop, you can experience and order the charm of bamboo speaker Kaguya.

Kaguya type-sk V

A set of 2 units Price 300,000 yen (excluding tax)

Speaker unit: 8 cm caliber full range

Input: 15W (Mus)

Impedance: 8Ω

External dimensions (W, H, D): 200 ⅹ 890 to 1090 x 200

Weight: Depends on bamboo

You can enjoy the rich and speedy bass, the tense mid-high range, and the good sound image localization peculiar to omnidirectional speakers that cannot be imagined from a small speaker unit with a diameter of 8 cm. As a BGM for homes and stores that do not require a loud volume, you can play a comfortable sound field.


Kaguya type-mk V

A set of 2 units Price 45 0,000 yen (excluding tax)

Speaker unit: 10 cm caliber full range

Input: 30W (Mus)

Impedance: 8Ω

External dimensions (W, H, D): 220 ⅹ 1195x220

Weight: Depends on bamboo

Compared to type-sk IV, it has a generous input resistance of 30W, giving it a higher scale and a more realistic feel in the midrange. Kaguya alone can play enough low frequencies, but you can also enjoy more powerful music playback in combination with a subwoofer.


Kaguya type-lk V

A set of 2 units Price 600,000 yen (excluding tax)

Speaker unit: 12 cm caliber full range

Input: 50W (Mus)

Impedance: 8Ω

External dimensions (W, H, D): 235 ⅹ 1195x235

Weight: Depends on bamboo

From the speaker unit with a diameter of 12 cm and 50 W, you can enjoy music with great power. In addition, any Kaguya can be combined with an AV amplifier to enjoy excellent sound effects as a front speaker for a home theater.


Producer bio

Hiroshi Umeda Representative of Umeda Electric

1974.4 Joined Lux ​​Co., Ltd. Worked in Technology Research Department

1977 Established Umeda Electric

2011.11 Patented acoustic structure of bamboo speaker Kaguya

2012.10 Trademark registration of bamboo speaker "Kaguya"


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