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 Shake apple brandy'Calvados', early-picked grape juice'Verjus', and plum wine. An adult cocktail with soda and spices from above.

 Invented for 22 CAFÉ by French bartender Viji Thomas, who is sought after by the world top 50 BARs such as Employees Only (New York) and Door 74 (Amsterdam).


HHAE shochu brewery made whisky

Kagoshima limited domestic blended whiskey made by Hombo Shuzo in Kagoshima, the brewery of shochu. The smoky taste of high-class Scotch and the power of bourbon, which has a good throat, are perfectly harmonized.

This is a gem of whiskey from Hombo Shuzo, which is highly evaluated not only in Japan but all over the world, including the highest gold award at the world's oldest alcoholic beverage competition “IWSC” held in the United Kingdom.


Coffee rum

Coffee rum made by a coffee shop.

A liquor with a soft taste that has a slight sweetness of coffee. It's an irresistible liquor for those who like rum and coffee.
Made from Nicaraguan French roasted beans certified by the Rainforest Alliance and soaked for 2 weeks.

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Raw bonito

A smoky taste that is roasted with the finest raw sushi. Directly sent from the Katsuobushi factory in Makurazaki, Kagoshima, which is run by a friend of the shop owner, it is an exquisite dish that can only be tasted here.

Grilled dried bonito jerky

If you roast thick bonito flakes and eat them with mayonnaise and shichimi, you will be addicted to them. It is a popular way to eat in Kagoshima Makurazaki, the home of dried bonito.



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