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live act

live act

live music

Artists of various genres such as acoustic / piano playing, JAZZ, alternative, and ambient are appearing. There is also a lot of experimental music.

About one-third of the performers are professional artists. Of course, amateur artists are also quite high level.

Except for charter events, you can enjoy all performances with free admission + 1 drink.




 Many DJs who are active in Shibuya and Koenji such as Chill, Techno, Funk, Soul, Hip-Hop, Rock, etc. are appearing.

Except for charter events, you can enjoy free admission + 1 drink.



On the last Sunday of every month, we hold the Independent Professional Film Preservation Society Presents "22 Cinema". Many film directors still live in Eifukucho, which is also known as Hayao Miyazaki's former office. The screenings are mainly black-and-white masterpieces from the 1950s and 1960s. After the screening, there will be a social gathering with the director of the screening work and related parties.


Laughing, reading, etc.

 In addition, we also hold classes such as comedy live concerts, readings, Western confectionery and flower arrangements.


Event details / schedule



gallery, other projects


 He holds solo exhibitions focusing on paintings and photographs.




M ilky Candle presents Candle Night.

The first event will be held on March 27th from 4 pm to 10 pm. free entrance.

The gentle light of the candles and the relaxing space of 22 CAFÉ are fused. It is an event to enjoy the relaxing spring dusk to the fullest. It will be held regularly in the future.


Correspondence planning

Why don't you have a connection with someone who is intimate but keeps a sense of distance by anonymity through the very personal thing of your favorite reading?

<How to participate>

❶ Bring your favorite reading to 22 CAFÉ.

❷ Write down the reason why you like the book in about 200 characters on the memo given to the clerk, and put it on the back of the cover.

* Do not write your name, age, gender, occupation, etc.

❸ Someone (Mr. A) picks up the book, looks at the memo, and reads the book if he is interested.

❹ Mr. A writes a letter to you and puts it in a special box.

❺ The clerk gives you Mr. A's letter.

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