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Hand drip coffee

 We grind beans in front of customers for each order. We are using specialty beans from the Kugayama Coffee Roasting Plant in Kugayama, Suginami-ku. The main products are Ethiopian fruity and low-sour Guji varieties, and a blend of Brazilian and Colombian city varieties that has both a clear mouth and richness. In addition, we also have non-caffeine beans from Colombia and special beans in limited stock.


Latte / espresso

Finished with a slightly sweet espresso that is common in France. The beans used are rainforest beans, which are a blend of Nicaragua and Peru. The espresso machine uses the Italian long-established LA CIMBALI double semi-automatic M29 SELECT. It is a model that is highly evaluated for its steam function as well as its powerful extraction ability. Our cafe latte made with this espresso and fluffy steamed milk is a specialty.


Tea / herbal tea / hot chocolate

For black tea, we use Earl Gray and Darjeeling, which are whole leaves (not the finely powdered tea leaves of Tea bags, but the tea leaves that are torn into 1 cm squares). The aroma and rich taste when poured into a tea cup are exceptional.

Herbal tea uses vital blends from the well-established Marien pharmacy in Germany. Contains about 30 kinds of herbs such as chamomile.

Our hot chocolate is made by mixing steamed milk with fresh cream, with less sugar and maybe more cacao.




Nancy's Basque Cheese Cake

A traditional cheesecake from the Basque Country of Spain, where melted cream cheese and fresh cream go great together.

Eifuku cheesecake

A soft dough cheesecake with a refreshing sourness of lemon that spreads in your mouth.

Nancy's seasonal cheesecake

The photo is a winter-only orange cheesecake. A soft orange custard rides on a crispy dough, and the top is coated with orange gel.



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