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It is an art channel of YOUTUBE produced by 22CAFE.


We want to send art of universal value to the world

What is Marginal Arts

Impressionists, represented by Monet and Renoir, pursued their art based in the suburbs of Paris, away from the center of the art world at the time. Impressionists are said to have tried to express light. The world is full of light, and I thought that if I tried to draw something as it was, I couldn't help expressing it. Impressionist expression was the result of their pursuit of universality.


We don't have a big dream of creating a new era like the Impressionists have achieved. However, like them, I would like to send art of universal value to the world from this Marginal (peripheral) place called Eifukucho.

But that doesn't mean we're not excited about something new.


Impressionism is also said to have been born because of its thorough realism. However, their point of view changed the painter's view of things. The correct way to see and see things is not only photographic (realistic) ones. As a result, Van Gogh and Cesar, who are considered to be Post-Impressionists, began to draw things more subjectively, which caused a great trend in abstract painting and contemporary art.


I think it would be interesting if this channel could be a catalyst for such a thing.

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