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Post Cards

Mount Fuji

¥ 150/1 sheet

Tokyo Tower

¥ 150/1 sheet


Hot spring

¥ 150/1 sheet


Byodoin Phoenix Hall

¥ 150/1 sheet


12 sheets set (3 sheets x 4 types each) = ¥ 1,500 (shipping included)  


Who Designed?


Marc Poitvin

A French graphic designer living in Paris. Worked on graphics such as "Rolling Stone" and "Vogue". Characterized by American comic style graphics.
22 CAFÉ The owner, Tatsuya Yonekura, has been a friend of mine since he was active in music in Paris, and has a deep knowledge of Japanese culture. He has stayed at Yonekura's house in Tokyo twice.
The 22 CAFÉ logo (figure on the right) was also created by Mr. Marc, expressing "22" with steam boiling from coffee.

Why Post card?

1. Disseminate the charm of Japan through postcards!
22 CAFÉ The owner (I) was active in Paris from 2009 to 2014, performing at a summer festival under the French producer monsieur Untel.
There are many nice postcards in Paris as shown in the photo (left). They decorate the kiosk stores throughout the city and are part of the landscape of Paris. (Photo below)
I am also one of the people who was attracted to that charm. When I found something I liked, I often sent it to my acquaintances in Japan.
After returning to the end of 2014 also worked in the NGO, but had frequently visited the United States and African countries, long or from the reaction of the foreign life and NGO work, interested in Japan of regional activation, after the NGO retirement Wakayama I have been involved in regional revitalization and Japan's attractiveness dissemination projects, such as prefectural PR.
Opening 22 CAFÉ in an area where there is no brand, not in the city center of Eifuku-cho, is also a challenge of how to disseminate information from marginal places.
When I looked at the postcards from the perspective of regional revitalization, I noticed that there were two major benefits.
① PR effect
・ International PR effect by tourists, foreign residents, and local residents buying postcards and sending them to foreign countries.
・ Domestic PR effect when residents of tourist spots buy postcards and send them to other parts of the country.
② Branding effect
The flood of postcards in the city indicates that it is a tourist destination, like Paris. In other words, the existence of postcards can be a symbol of a tourist destination and contribute to the branding of that region.
 The purpose of postcard creation is to convey the appeal of Japan through the benefits of postcards.
2. Make Japanese postcards that attract foreigners!
However, postcards are not so common in Japan and can only be obtained at certain souvenir shops and stationery stores.
Marc et al., A foreign friend, personally gave me the opportunity to start this project.
There are no postcards in Japan, but the design is disappointing.
So I decided to do it.
Attractive postcards
Because it expresses the wonderful Japan seen from the eyes of foreigners, foreigners jump in.
3. I want to make postcards for tourist attractions all over Japan!
I want the cost of distributing it to souvenir shops around the world.
I want to increase the number of local specialty designs through collaboration. I want to increase other designs.
By selling at makuake, other companies and creators will be stimulated, and Japanese postcards will be lively.
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